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 Ed Drury is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author. Classically trained as a trumpeter, Ed traded his trumpet for an electric guitar and was a well-known sideman and session musician on the west coast for the better part of the 1970's. In 1976, growing tired of road life, Ed returned to school and took an associate degree in Respiratory Care. For more than ten years, music took a back seat while he branched into various roles in health care. He quit his hospital job in 1989 to pursue his first love, the study of various traditional music forms from around the world. Today he combines his experience with classical music and his love for traditional music forms by composing music inspired by his world travels and training as a healer.

 Studying with almost anyone who will accept him as a student, Ed attempts to finance his quest through teaching, writing and performing. Ed has studied with Aboriginal didjeridu master David Blanasi and world musician Stephen Kent.

 Ed lives in Portland Oregon where he teaches, performs and records. Ed has performed with Francis Firebrace-Jones, a Yorti Yorti storyteller, with Australian Folk Musician and songwriter Clancey Dunn, Jawighe, Michael Stirling, Jawihge, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Dave Crowder and Land of the Blind.

Author and Composer

Ed Drury

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